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Akiko Ogawa (MIS, MA, RDMP)

Akiko Ogawa (MIS, MA, RDMP)

Akiko is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist licensed in the UK and professionally registered member of the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK.

Akiko values the wisdom in the body and the body-mind connection. She focuses on holding a non-judgmental safe space where the collaborative work with her clients can take place to support their journeys of understanding themselves and their relationships better through creative processes. Clients are invited to reflect on their bodily experiences to deepen their curiosity. Body movement might also be used to explore both verbal and non-verbal aspects of their experiences to facilitate an integrated healing process.

Akiko received her Masters Degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2017. Through her training and post qualification years in the UK, she has worked therapeutically with adults and children both on an individual and group basis. The client groups she has worked with include adults with childhood trauma and various mental health conditions in NHS hospitals, unaccompanied refugee adolescents with trauma and PTSD symptoms at the Refugee Council and children with special needs in a primary school. Her work is trauma- informed, underpinned by psychodynamic theory, and also draws on Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP).  
Prior to her time in the UK, she has worked directly with refugees and asylum seekers from all over the world in Japan, who were her inspiration to pursue her current career as a therapist.  

小川昂子 略歴: イギリス公認ダンス・ムーブメント・サイコセラピスト(RDMP)。ロン ドン大学ゴールドスミス校ダンス・ムーブメント・サイコセラピー修士課程修了 。The Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK 正会員。非言語コミュニケ ーションや創造性を活かしたセラピーのプロセス、こころと身体の繋がりを大切にし、 クライエント一人ひとりの立場に寄り添った向き合い方を信条とする。愛着理論や対象 関係論をはじめとした精神力動学、ラバン身体動作表現理論(LMA)やケステンバーグ・ ムーブメント・プロフィール(KMP)等の理論を統合し臨床に取り組む。これまでに、国立(NHS)精神科病院にて、幼少期のトラウマや様々な精神疾患を抱えた大人、難民支援団体にて、トラウマや PTSDの症状を持つ保護者のいない難民の若者、イギリスの公立小学校にて、発達障害や難聴の子ども等を対象に、個別ならびに集団心理療法の臨床経験を積む。前職で難民保護・支援に従事し、世界各地から迫害を逃れ来日した難民・庇護希望者らと働いた経験に触発され、セラピストの道を志す。

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