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Corporate Services for the Workplace

TELL has extensive experience in dealing with mental health issues in the workplace. The effect of depression on labor productivity in Japan costs more than 14 billion US dollars every year. Our professional, interactive workshops and talks series can help your business effectively address the mental health issues present in your workplace and improve productivity.

The Need

Employers face a unique and ever-changing set of challenges as the stresses on employees increase and diversify in the workplace. Employers are under pressure to:

  • Create a work environment that is supportive of an employee’s physical and cognitive health while at the same time achieve the company’s stated goals
  • Manage a diverse workforce in a fast-paced, high-stress work environment
  • Help employees navigate the demands on their time and energy, allowing them to be as effective as possible

The Solution

TELL corporate services help you to:

  • Increase employee and manager awareness of stress-related mental health issues and the impact on personal well-being and organizational productivity
  • Provide customised professional and therapeutic services to your team that increase positive mental health, overall employee satisfaction and output
  • Identify the profile of mental health needs in your workplace through administration of the government-mandated annual stress test.

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