If your life is in danger, call the police at 110
By using TELL Chat, you expressly acknowledge and agree to the following Terms and Conditions in respect of the use of this service and all its content. Japanese law shall be applicable and govern the following Terms and Conditions.

General information

  • TELL Chat is a free service providing effective support and counseling through a live chat platform to people from the international community in Japan who face emotional distress or mental health needs.
  • TELL Chat is operated by trained TELL Chat support workers who have undergone over 80 hours of intensive crisis intervention training.
  • TELL Chat support workers might recommend other TELL’s services (appointment, phone call, etc.) or resources depending on the chat user’s situation. If it is deemed that there is an imminent danger for the health or life of the user, TELL Chat specialists may speak to you about accessing local emergency services, and/or additional contact information such as IP address, phone number, or address, only after consent from the chat visitor to ensure your safety and work with you to create a safety plan if necessary.
  • As a non-profit organization, TELL Japan and its service TELL Chat do not aim to make any benefits. All the resources, both internal and external, provided by TELL do not serve promotional purposes but provide additional information and recommendations depending on the TELL Chat user’s needs.

Conditions of use

  • The minimum age for accessing and using TELL Chat is 13. Below this age, people are not allowed to access this service and must call TELL Lifeline instead.
  • Only people who are located in Japan are allowed to access TELL Chat.
  • TELL Chat should not be used for commercial purposes. Promoting commercial products and/or embed commercial material constitutes a nuisance and is prohibited.
  • Inappropriate language, such a vulgarity or harassment, is prohibited and will result in an immediate exclusion from TELL Chat. Repeated abuse can lead to permanent exclusion and/or legal proceedings.
  • Prank chats are prohibited and will lead to exclusion and/or legal proceedings. TELL Chat is free and aims to support people in a distress. Prank chats waste time and resources by preventing TELL Chat Support Workers from helping people in real need.
  • In the event of a virus, spyware, or cyber-attack, TELL Chat is not liable for any difficulties and/or damages incurred as a result of using this service.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • All the information communicated through TELL chat is kept confidential. TELL Chat commits not to disclose and/or spread any information transmitted by a user, except if required under Japanese law.
  • The TELL Chat user is responsible for any personal information that is transmitted on the service. Neither tells Chat nor any member of its staff holds responsibility for the information communicated by the user.
  • Before accessing our service, TELL Chat collects and stores some basic and anonymous information. TELL Chat also automatically records de-identified transcripts of each chat session. This information is kept confidential and is used for internal and clinical purposes only, before being deleted each month.
  • TELL Chat software provider is also in charge of ensuring data protection, confidentiality, and security of chats. All communications are securely encrypted.
  • TELL Chat commits not to collect and store personally identifiable information communicated by the user unless otherwise agreed. In the case the user agrees that TELL collects and stores the information, a personal record will be created in TELL server to store this information.