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Jill Joroff Runs TELL’s Exceptional Parenting Program


Jill is devoted to helping families obtain the best educational services for their children, while cultivating positive and productive working relationships with the schools. She brings that drive to the Exceptional Parenting Program at TELL; facilitating workshops for parents and educators, and hosting a monthly support group for parents raising children with learning differences.

Jill arrived in Tokyo in January 2012 with her husband and two children on an unexpected expat assignment. The whole Joroff family has embraced life in Tokyo, and developed a deep love of Japan’s food, culture and people. They have taken advantage of the opportunity to travel within Asia, and are always up for a new adventure in a new place. In between work and parenting, Jill enjoys exploring the city both on foot and bike, taking photographs, reading, cooking and spending time with the wonderful friends she has made here.