Employee Assistance Program

TELL Counseling is a service provider of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for companies such as Human Dynamic, Workplace Options, ComPsych Corporation, Shepell FGI, and Peacemind-JEAP.

We also have exclusive contracts with several multinational companies in Tokyo, to provide confidential counseling services for their employees.


What is an EAP?

Employee Assistance Programs is a form of benefit whereby a company arranges for confidential short-term counseling services at no cost to their employees (and sometimes to immediate family members of the employee). Depending on the benefit, some EAP plans may cover the full fee of between 3 to 8 face-to-face counseling sessions per year, or limited only for one time.

Is the service confidential?

This service is strictly confidential, TELL Counseling do not share any information about clients to their employer unless clients give written permission to disclose it. In the exceptional case that clients are in danger of harming themselves or others and/or being harmed, the rule of confidentiality will be over-ridden. In this case we might disclose confidential information to the appropriate person/authority to protect the clients or others.

What kind of problems can I consult in counseling under the EAP benefit?

At TELL Counseling, employees can receive face-to-face counseling on issues that are having an impact on your ability to work, such as work-related stress, workplace crisis, burnout, balancing work and family. Furthermore, our therapists also provide individual and couples counseling to address personal problems that may or may not impact your work performance, ie.: depression, anxiety, substance abuse, grief and loss, family crisis, relationship issues, etc.

How much does using the EAP benefit cost me?

This benefit is offered at no cost to the employees by the employer. TELL Counseling will not charge you anything, instead we will change the fees directly to the EAP companies or to your employers. Please note that there is a limit for the number of sessions, depending on your specific benefit.

How can I find out if my employer provides EAP?

To find out if your employer provides mental health care EAP benefits, you can consult your manager, contact your workplace’s Human Resource Department, or look up for the information in your company internal website, prior to making an appointment with TELL Counseling.

For Employers – Why should you choose TELL Counseling as your company’s EAP provider?

First of all, at TELL Counseling we have over 15 therapists with a wide-range of expertise and vast experience. Most of the counselors are English-Japanese bilingual, they all have a minimum of a Master’s Degree, are licensed abroad or in Japan and receive regular clinical supervision.

Secondly, we offer appointments from 9am to 8pm, from Monday to Saturday. By choosing us as a provider, employers can help employees deal with problems before they become more serious issues, which will result in improving their work performance and improving their ability to respond effectively to conflict in the workplace and in personal life.

Most importantly, TELL Counseling is the only mental health care provider in Japan that is a part of a not-for-profit organization, TELL. NPO TELL is dedicated to providing effective support and counseling services to Japan’s increasingly international community. Besides counseling services, TELL offers free, anonymous and confidential telephone counseling and information and an extensive outreach programs for the community. A part of TELL Counseling income is used for the overall operation of TELL to the benefit of mental health care in the community.


Besides face-to-face counseling, TELL also provides on demand workshops for employees with mental health care themes. For more information about this service, please see our Outreach page.

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All clinicians working at TELL Counseling are governed by the ethical and professional guidelines regarding confidentiality applicable to their professional membership (e.g. American Psychological Association, National Association of Social Workers).