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Building Resilience

TELL is excited about our upcoming mental health conference on April 8th & 9th: Moving Past Reactivity to Foster Strength and Wellness for All. We are thrilled to announce that our 2nd mental health conference will be held in partnership with the ACCJ and sponsored by Discovery Japan. 

At TELL, we believe strengthening resilience provides an important framework for developing skills to help us navigate the demands of our ever-changing world.   We have gathered an amazing lineup of speakers across a wide range of disciplines, both internationally and within Japan, who will discuss the importance of laying strong foundations, boosting motivation, and supporting mental wellness for all.  Below are some of the speakers: 

On day one, Kathy Matsui – General Partner of MPower Partners – will be the keynote speaker for day one, and David MacDonald – President and Representative Officer Discovery Japan – will be the opening speaker. 

Vanessa Oshima – Founder of Heart Data Inc and former VP of Starbucks Marketing Division, Midori Kaneko – Director of Group Marketing Sun Frontier Fudosan Co. Ltd, and Keiko Sato – Founder & CEO SheStands Inc are all panelists on our “Women in leadership – Opportunities for change and empowerment” session.  

Sarah Bader – Managing Director for Gensler’s Tokyo office and Patrick Jordan – Vice President Human Resources, Coco-Cola Japan and Korea, will speak about innovative workplace solutions during COVID-19  “What to do now and what to do next”. Kento Hoshi – CEO JobRainbow – will be a panelist on day two discussing ways to support the LGBTQI youth during COVID. 

Overseas speakers include:

Gail Palmer, MSW RMFT and Co-Director of the International Center of Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy–Keynote speaker for day two.

Sherman Guillums Jr., NAMI Chief Strategy and Impact Officer is a day one panelist on our “Underserved populations and disparities” session. 

Throughout March we also shine a spotlight on gender diversity issues in Japan to mark International Women’s Day on March 8th. Since early 2020, TELL has been focused on addressing the toll the pandemic has had on mental health, and particularly women’s mental health, in Japan. The recent 2021 Global Gender Gap Report has highlighted how pre-existing gender gaps have widened as a result of the pandemic and pushed back the global estimate for gender equality to 136 years. With a new Prime Minister and talk of new capitalism, many people in Japan are wondering what will become of Womenomics. Last year TELL also highlighted the study by SheStands, which found over 90% of women surveyed felt jealous of the opportunities men have in Japan. Inequalities and biases both in the workplace and the community are costing lives and stopping women from advancing in Japan, keeping Japan’s global ranking far below that of other developed countries, placing 120 out of 156 countries in 2021. 

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BreaktheBias and a global call to action for promoting and accelerating gender parity in all sectors of our society. The World Economic Forum has highlighted that racial justice, gender parity, disability inclusion, and LGBTQIA+ equality are all forms of human diversity that need to be the new normal. Now more than ever, in the midst of such sweeping changes brought on by the pandemic, organizations, and society have an opportunity to embed greater diversity, equity, and inclusion into everyday norms.  

With so many people in our community struggling with burnout, this conference is a must for businesses, educators, community groups, parents, and students, who are serious about moving past reactivity and towards future success. Join us on April 8th and 9th as we reach for what is next and stop looking back for what is normal. To register for the conference please visit our event site www.tellevents.org.