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TELL International Volunteer Day (IVD) – Solidarity Through Volunteering

Every day around the globe, millions of people step up and take action on issues that matter to them. Some contribute their individual efforts, while others volunteer with communities, organizations and companies. Volunteerism is the bedrock of our Lifeline and an essential thread in all societies. As TELL celebrates its 50th anniversary, we would like […]

ACCJ Charity Ball 2023

Bid on this item at https://www.accj.or.jp/2023-accj-charity-ball today! Special Note: This item has been generously donated to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of TELL (Tokyo English Life Line).  All proceeds from the sale of this item will go directly to supporting TELL’s invaluable services.

Twitch October Spooky Games Marathon

Date: October 13th to October 31st Come join TELL’s favorite retro gaming enthusiast Alex Fraioli (@hoodedpitohui) as he games for Mental Health. Alex will be fundraising for TELL throughout the later half of October with a bunch of Spooky Games as well as Alex’s classic gaming commentary and humor. You can see Alex’s Campaign here: […]

Domestic Violence Myths

Written by TELL’s Executive Director, Royanne Doi In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I wanted to share my story for family and friends who suspect that a loved one might be in a domestic violence/abusive relationship. This article is based on a true story with some names and details changed to protect the innocent […]

World Mental Health Day 2023

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, a day to shine a spotlight on the importance of good mental health. Our mental health is intricately embedded into every aspect of our physical and daily lives. Good mental health enables us to cope with the everyday stresses of life, work productively, have good connections, reach our […]

World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10, 2023) In Japan, September can be a challenging time for many young people as they return to school or university. In studies done by the Japanese Cabinet Office, it was reported that suicides among school-age children tend to occur as schools reopen after spring break and particularly as they […]

How to Help Someone Get Help

How to Help Someone Get Help By Billy Cleary and Cole Garrett At TELL, we realize that it can be hard to take the first step to get help when you’re struggling. Especially with mental health, there can be a lot of stigma and self-judgment around going to counseling or seeing a psychiatrist. Someone may […]

Fundraiser Spotlight Okinawa: Roksana Ubowska

Fundraiser Spotlight Okinawa: Roksana Ubowska Roksana Ubowska, the owner of Yoga Tree Okinawa, regularly provides yoga classes of all different levels, as well as yoga teacher training programs. She discovered yoga in her late 20’s and graduated from 200 Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in 2015. Roksana has also completed the 500 YTT. She is currently […]