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Be happy with your body

Published on November 30, 2017

TELL would like to invite you to participate in the Body Project, a group aimed at helping young women feel better about their bodies. Read more »

Spring Lifeline Training 2018

Published on

Everyone thinks they are a good listener, but very few people really are.  Read more »

TELL Stories Micro-Donations Campaign

Published on November 1, 2017

Meet the people who reach out to TELL. Read more »

Love You To Death: A Year Of Domestic Violence

Published on

A 2014 report by the UN found Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea were the top ranking countries for female homicides, with females accounting for 53% of the total homicide rates, compared to 21% globally. Of these deaths, 20% are the result of domestic violence, with a woman being killed by her intimate partner or ex-partner every three days in Japan. 1 in 3 wives experience some sort of domestic violence, physical, emotional, financial etc, and 1 in 20 a near-death experience. Read more »

Meet TELL’s new Outreach Coordinator

Published on

I joined the TELL team as Outreach Coordinator in October after admiring the organization for years and participating in various events.  Read more »

World Mental Health Day 

Published on October 2, 2017

October 10 marks one of the most significant days in TELL's calendar - World Mental Health Day. Read more »

Micro-Donations Campaign Launch

Published on

TELL is excited to mark World Mental Health Day 2017 by launching its first ever micro-donations campaign. Read more »

Walk with TELL in the Parade: Kansai`s Rainbow Pride is just around the Corner

Published on

Alongside with other local organisations and communities, businesses and artists, TELL joins the Rainbow Festa! 2017 with a booth, providing information to the public and supports to LGBTI individuals and their families and friends. Read more »

TELL Connoisseurs’ Auction Donation Appeal

Published on September 4, 2017

The Connoisseurs’ Auction is our major fundraiser, and attracts 150 distinguished guests who bid on 25 lots of premium wine, luxurious accommodation, and exceptional goods and services in both live and silent auction settings. The event also features fine wine from some of Japan’s top distributors and free-flow Champagne. Read more »

TELL Eating Disorder Program: Body Project by Dr. Eric Stice

Published on

In 2010, the TELL Eating Disorder Program was founded with the mission of making the treatment of eating disorders more accessible to the international community. Over the last 7 years, TELL has become one of the leading eating disorder outpatient programs in Japan. By utilizing evidence-based treatments for individuals and families struggling with this serious […] Read more »

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