If your life is in danger, call the police at 110

Tiziana Alamprese

Tiziana came to Japan the first time as a fellow student of the Japanese Ministry of Education at Kyushu University, where she obtained her Master in Economics. The years spent in Japan as a student were fundamental to growing her respect for the Japanese culture.

Since 2005, when she returned to Japan from Italy as a top executive in the automotive business, she has been combining her knowledge and love for the local culture with her creative approach. Her focus, in her current role as Marketing Director at FCA Japan is to connect the value of each Brand she manages to a responsible cause marketing strategy. Since 2011, she has promoted consistent support to 13 NPOs active in Japan in the field of women empowerment, LGBT rights, environment & animal protection, support to hospitalized children and to persons with diverse abilities.

Tiziana is a passionate lecturer and is often invited as a speaker by the Academia, at business associations networking events, other companies’ seminars and as an energetic testimonial to encourage women empowerment in Japan.