If your life is in danger, call the police at 110

Colette Rogers

Hailing from Ireland and traveling for the past 30 years, Colette finds herself back in Tokyo for the second time and assuming the role of Head of Seisen International School since 2015. Her background as an experienced international school counselor, mother of two teen third culture kids ( TCKs), and her experiences as a “trailing spouse” reinforce her advocacy of holistic education.

Colette has a firm focus on social and emotional wellbeing, student voice, a global mindset, and a belief in cultivating the existence of a strong network of qualified professionals working in collaboration with international families. As a Head of School, top of Colette’s priorities is adhering to the international standards of Student Safeguarding and ensuring her faculty and staff are trained in child protection and advocacy. A proud and respected member of the Japan Council of International Schools ( JCIS), Colette represents JCIS on the TELL Board.