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Most International Private Insurance plans provide some benefits to help their plan members pay for outpatient therapy/mental health services. We strongly suggest that clients who plan to use their benefits for therapy services to contact their insurance provider to get specific information about their plan, prior to starting therapy.

It is important to remember that clients are responsible for:

  • Obtaining the initial referral to your therapist (when required by your insurance plan).
  • Obtaining pre-approval/ authorization for visits directly from your insurance provider (when required).
  • Keeping track of your benefit limits.
  • Paying all deductibles, co-pays, and other charges not covered by the insurer.
  • Informing our office of any changes to your insurance coverage.
  • Payment of all charges not reimbursed by your insurance carrier.

Each client is responsible for all non-reimbursed costs. Denied claims, deductibles, co-pays, missed session fees, late cancellation fees and all other non-reimbursed costs are the responsibility of the client.

TELL Counseling is a provider of CIGNA International, TriCare, GeoBlue and HTH International Insurance.

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