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TELL 2017 Connoisseurs’ Auction Donation Appeal


Without the support of people like you – individuals, corporations and professional organizations – we would be unable to provide the breadth of services we have offered over the last 42 years.

Our immediate goal for 2017/18 is to take our lifeline services 24/7 – right now, there is an 8-hour gap every day. We need to make sure that everyone who needs support is able to access us regardless of the time or day of the week. We are also launching a chat-based text service to respond to younger people.

Separately, we want to expand our reach into Kansai and Western Japan so that people can receive clinical and testing support outside of Tokyo and Yokohama. Unfortunately, there are few options available to people in need and we want to address this issue with some urgency. We are looking to establish small office presences with professional counselling and access to psychological testing.

This of course means that we need grow our funding base. It means we need you now more than ever.

You can support TELL at this year’s Connoisseurs’ Auction by agreeing to be an event sponsor or by making a donation of cash, goods or services. Please let us know if we can count on you to support us by sending your completed donation forms via email or fax. We wouldn’t ask unless it was absolutely necessary.


For more information or questions about the event, contact Events and Marketing Coordinator Ben Beesley at auction@telljp.com, Tel: 03-4550-1191 or Fax: 03-3797-3665.