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Yoshi Odagiri (MA, LAPC)

Yoshi Odagiri (MA, LAPC)

Yoshi Odagiri is an English and Japanese bilingual psychotherapist. He is a Mental Health Counselor in Oregon under supervision by YoonKi Chai

Yoshi has been classically trained in counseling psychology at Multnomah University in Portland Oregon, where he received his Master of Arts.

Yoshi's primary specialty is working with adults with cultural adjustment/acculturation and identity issues, depression, anxiety, trauma/sexual trauma, behavioral issues, and addictions.

Yoshi utilizes psycho dynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness approaches in his counseling. His personal experience of studying and living in an international community in Japan and abroad has Informed his work with clients. He is able to work with clients from a wide range of cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. All of the services Yoshi provides are rooted in his belief that each person deserves to feel safe, validated, and understood.

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