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Ryota Sakurai

Ryota is a bilingual therapist

Ryota is a bilingual therapist, speaking English and Japanese. He received his master’s in clinical psychology from California State University at Fullerton and did a one-year internship at an addiction rehab in southern California. While in graduate school, he received training at a counseling center, a public elementary school, and another addiction rehab. He is licensed as Certified Public Psychologist in Japan. In Japan, Ryota has worked at a counseling center for ex-pats, EAP agencies, and an orphanage.

He uses CBT, DBT, MBCT, ABA, and EFT. Especially, he has been working on becoming a certified EFT (emotionally focused therapy) therapist. He’s keen on working with couples and families, using EFT. He’s also leaning to use EFIT (emotionally focused individual therapy) to work with individuals. Ryota works with clients with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, ADHD, ASD, sleep problems, self-esteem issues, personality disorders, addictions of any kind, work-related issues (burnt out, power harassment, etc.), relationship issues, and anger/stress management. Ryota works with children, adolescents, adults, and elderly people.

In his free time, Ryota often goes jogging. He also likes traveling abroad. The countries he’s been to include Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada, and the U.S. He’s looking forward to visiting southern and northern Europe, Australia, and some Asian countries.