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Kaori Ogiwara (MA)

Kaori Ogiwara (MA)

Kaori Ogiwara is a psychotherapist and the TELL Eating Disorders Treatment Program Coordinator.

She graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours in Psychology and earned her Masters degree in clinical psychology from Ochanomizu Women’s University, Tokyo. Membership include the Japanese Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists, and The Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology. She has worked in an outpatient psychosomatic clinic and EAP (employee assistance program) in Tokyo.

Ms. Ogiwara integrates psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches in helping individuals utilize their strengths and resources in resolving emotional difficulties, uncertainty about life choices, and various life issues related to self and relationship with others. Her areas of special training (completed and ongoing) include application of CBT-based therapy to depression, anxiety, and issues related to eating and body image.

Besides her position as the Coordinator of TELL Eating Disorder Treatment Program, Ms. Ogiwara sees adult individuals for therapy in English and Japanese, in our Tokyo office.

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