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Michelline “Mikkie” Turnbow, MSW


Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

Mikkie is a Registered Social Work Intern from the state of Florida, seeking independent licensure. Mikkie was born in Nebraska; however, lived most of her formative years in Florida before moving to various places due to the job placements of her active duty spouse.

Mikkie received her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and has been awarded a Master of Social Work degree from Walden University. Mikkie has nearly a decade of experience volunteering and working within the military community and has received recognition and awards for her contribution to the community.

Mikkie has experience working with clients of all ages and has experience treating PTSD, mood disorders, grief and working with families regarding conflicts within the households.

It is important to Mikkie to approach treating clients with a holistic mindset through utilizing a variety of evidence-based interventions and theories. It is her hope that she can provide clients with the necessary tools to address and overcome various life challenges.

Mikkie came to Okinawa with her husband and two small dogs. You can find them frequently exploring the local area and enjoying all things Okinawan.