Kirara Miyahara

Art Psychotherapist

Kirara Miyahara is a TELL registered art therapist and clinical artist. Kirara has provided sessions as a clinical artist in Kyoto, as well as art and verbal therapy sessions in a New York public elementary school, New York Presbyterian, NYU Langone Hospital, and Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute. Her work experience ranges from children as young as 5 to individuals in their 70’s.

With a background in anthropology, philosophy, and psychology as well as specialized training and education in art therapy, she incorporates humanistic, psychodynamic, person-centered theories into trauma-informed therapeutic care. Kirara Miyahara’s approach is informed by past training, education, and evidence-based research, as well as embodied knowledge as a Japanese multilingual LGBTQIA+ community-identified woman living with autoimmune disease. She has resided in four countries and visited 25.

Her sessions prioritize client needs, which often address concerns regarding the low internal locus of control, organizing thoughts and manifesting organized behavior, increasing feelings of self-worth, anxiety management, processing childhood trauma, and subconscious material, and existentialism of the human experience. When not engaged in therapy work, she enjoys printmaking, food art, watching the ocean, entomology, and ethnobotany.