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Jon Omori

Event Director

Jon is responsible for coordinating and directing the TELL Tokyo Tower Climb and Step Up Challenge 2023

Jon is a third-generation Japanese American born and raised in Los Angeles. His first career started as a young athlete competing around the world for Team USA in the sport of Gymnastics.  Jon qualified for 2 Olympic Trials (1984 & 1988) and qualified for the 1987 World Championships team. Unfortunately, his gymnastics career ended in injury prior to the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. Jon finished his college degree at U.C. Berkeley as the Assistant Gymnastics Coach and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1990.

After his Gymnastics career, in 1990, Jon spent 28 years in the Global Investment Banking Industry as an International Interest Rates and Credit Trader and then as an International Equities Sales Trader in both New York City and Tokyo.  In 2018 the Olympic Dream came back to Jon as he was offered an opportunity to be the Tokyo Special Advisor to the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee helping to support TEAM USA for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2021.

In January 2018 Jon resigned from his position as Head of The Equities Execution Platform at Citigroup Securities in Japan and created his own KK in Tokyo named after his younger daughter, Asami Global Co., Ltd.  Asami Global Co., Ltd. contracted with the USOPC and supported TEAM USA into and during the Olympic and Paralympic Games from February 2018 up until the end of the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2021. View his NHK backstory on their website.

Jon is currently working on strengthening the communication between the USA and Japan via Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic “Legacy” Projects with a few of the TEAM USA Host Towns in Japan.  He is also an avid weekend surfer and a certified yoga instructor with an interest in the Wellness Industry. Check him out on Youtube.