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Joe Enright, C. Psych. (Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist)

Joe Enright, C. Psych. (Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist)

Dr. Joe Enright is a doctoral level licensed clinical psychologist from Ontario, Canada, with specialized training as a clinical neuropsychologist.

He has several years of experience practicing in hospital and private practice settings with a variety of ages, populations, and presentations. He has been active in research and has published multiple studies in scientific journals. He is married to a Japanese national and has two bilingual children. He speaks fluent conversational Japanese and previously lived in Japan for several years before returning to Canada to complete his doctoral training.

Range of services provided by Dr. Joe Enright,

Psychological Intervention: I am able to provide students/parents with consultation, counseling, and/or psychotherapy for a range of social, interpersonal, mental health, and emotional issues. For example, I can assist with difficulties related to mood/depression, anxiety, suicidality, adjustment and acculturation issues (e.g., “culture shock”, coping with life changes), stress, grief and bereavement (e.g., death of a loved one, traumatic accident), sexuality, sleep difficulties, pain, cognitive difficulties, etc. Intervention services can be provided in- person or remotely via internet video platform (e.g., Skype, Zoom).

Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment: I am able to provide assessment of emotional, behavioural, and cognitive functioning. Assessments involve the administration of psychometric tests and measures that evaluate a range of areas including psychiatric symptoms and disorders, problematic personality traits and personality disorders, somatic (physiological) symptoms, academic ability/achievement, learning difficulties, ADHD, intellectual/developmental difficulties, autism, concussion and brain injuries, vocational interests and skills, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and cognitive (brain) impairments.

*In addition to the above clinical services, I am able to provide psychoeducational workshops, presentations, and facilitate support groups for students, parents, and/or faculty to promote mental health awareness and prevention.

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