Questions you may have about chat

Anyone who can speak English and needs someone to talk to,  can call the Lifeline  7 days a week between 9am – 11pm on 03-5447-0992, or if you are 13 years of age or older, you can chat live with us on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 10.30pm – 2.00am You will chat live with one of  our trained Support Workers about whatever difficulties you may be facing, no matter how big or small and we will:
  • believe you
  • help you to sort things out in your own way
  • talk to you about resources and who else may be able to help
  • explore safety plans
If a Support Worker feels you are in danger, they will speak with you about accessing emergency services, and/or additional contact information to ensure your safety and work with you to create a safety plan if necessary.

What we won’t do

  • Tell you what to do
  • Judge or criticise
  • Chitchat
  • Ongoing counselling

TELL Chat etiquette

  • Use a computer/tablet/smartphone with a strong internet connection to minimize disruptions.
  • Use respectful language
  • Stay focused on the chat and respond promptly and limit multitasking
  • If you need to step away from your computer, let us know or end the chat and come back when you have more time.

Are all TELL Chat communications secure and confidential?

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Security controls, including encryption and authentication, are in place to ensure the protection of your information. Any information provided by you or collected on you will not be shared or disclosed with any third party. The confidentiality and security of chats is ensured through the TELL Chat software provider, which uses the same encryption and data protection standards required by major financial institutions to transact business with each other. All of your communications are securely encrypted from your computer to ours.