Free, anonymous telephone counseling and support across Japan.
9 AM - 11 PM daily

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
10:30 PM - 2 AM

The directory contains a list of organizations which provide services for the international community in Japan.


TELL Resources in Japan

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Services

Police: 110
Fire: 119
Ambulance: 119

Emergency Medical Interpretation Service

Monday to Friday 5pm – 8pm
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 9am – 8pm

Tokyo English-Speaking Police

Telephone: 03-3501-0110
Translation available 24 hours every day

Drug Overdose & Poison Control Centers

U.S. Air Force Hospital, Yokota: 0425-52-2511, ext. 57740
Honolulu Poison Control Center: 1-808-941-4411
Osaka Toxicity: 0990-50-2499, 06-871-9999

How to call

Stay calm. Always speak clearly and slowly when making an emergency call. If possible, enlist the aid of a Japanese speaker in placing the call. These Japanese phrases will be helpful if the operator does not understand English.

Remember: Stay on the line! DO NOT hang up until the operator hangs up.

Emergency Japanese

Kyukyusha o yonde kudasai.
Please send an ambulance.

Kaji desu.
There is a fire.

Keikan o yonde kudasai.
Please send a policeman.

Watashi no namae wa _____ desu.
My name is _____

Watashi no jusho wa _____ desu.
My address is _____

Watashi no denwa bango wa _____ desu.
My telephone number is _____