Would you like to get involved in some online fun connected with friends, while also giving back to TELL? Fundraise an event today!

Here’s how YOU can be part of the TELL Outreach team:

Does anyone love yoga and want to lead an online yoga session? How about a Zumba class? An online concert for all you singers? You’ve mastered the art of the shower concert, now bring it to the virtual world! 

We welcome any and all ideas for connecting online in support of TELL, where you can host, lead or participate in the activities. Here are the steps for fundraising:

  1. Pick your activity
  2. Make the event on the social media platform of your choice
  3. Invite your friends, and be sure to give them our Paypal donation link
  4. Promote the event to get a good crowd
  5. Go LIVE!

You can either do this on your own private social media pages, or you can do those activities via our Facebook page too!

We would love to help you out with making it happen! If you have any questions, send us a message at development@telljp.com.