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Donate this Holiday Season

For the second year in a row returning home for end-of-year holidays is not an option for many foreigners, as new strains emerge creating further uncertainty and unease about travel. Many will again miss an important opportunity to be with their loved ones, offer support and feel those much-needed connections.  For others, strained family relationships will place further stressors and pressures on many who are already vulnerable and struggling to cope. 

It is TELL’s mission to be there, NOW, for those who need someone to listen, and someone to care. We place no judgment or pressure on anyone who reaches out but offer a connection, someone to hear your worries, and if available connect you with resources and services. 

Our Lifeline is there every day either via chat or phone from 09:00- 23:00 Monday to Thursday, and Friday to Sunday from 09:00 – 02:00.  

Help us this season by giving to TELL. When you give to the Lifeline services, you give a gift of hope and help us be there for someone who needs it. This holiday season it is important to remember that together, we are stronger. Together, we have hope. Together we make a difference and change lives.  

We have a variety of options you can support this holiday season. To give a gift to TELL, please visit https://telljp.com/help/donate/. All direct donations are tax-deductible in Japan. For more information about TELL’s services please visit our website www.telljp.com. To access our Lifeline please call 03 5774-0992 or access our chat service via our website.

Join our Global Giving projects for women and youth. You can also join Fiat and TELL’s ‘Share Your Heart‘ donation campaign (and collect branded merchandise for each donation level you meet)!