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FAQs – Assessment (Adult)

What kind of assessments do you provide?

For Information regarding Assessments for yourself, please see Psychological Assessment for Adults

How do I get started making an appointment for neuropsychological testing/assessment?

For Information regarding scheduling an appointment for yourself, please see Appointment for yourself

Do you offer this service in other languages besides English and Japanese?

TELL offers Counseling Services in Multiple languages. For more information regarding languages please call our office at 03-4550-1146.

I live outside of Kanto area; do you offer this service outside of Kanto?

We provide this service only in our Tokyo office. If you have a physical disability which hinders you to travel to our Tokyo office for this service, please contact us at 03-4550-1146.

How long does the assessment take?

Depending on what information is being sought, the total assessment may take 5 to 8 hours of face-to-face contact. In general, the assessment is scheduled in two (or three) appointments for which you have to reserve at least 3 hours each.

Do I have to prepare for the assessment?

No specific preparation is required. Please try to get a good night sleep and refrain from consuming excessive alcoholic beverages before the test day. If you feel very tense because of the assessment, please contact us so we can give you some more details and reassure you.

Some medication may affect the result of the tests. If you are on medication, please consult us beforehand.

What should I bring for the testing appointment?

If you wear reading glasses, a hearing aid or any other device, make sure to bring it. The psychologist will explain the testing procedure to you before the day of the assessment.

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