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Appointment for your child (Counseling & Assessment)

briefcase4STEP 1. Email/fax the intake form & questionnaire to schedule appointment

Please complete the child intake form and send back to us. The intake form & questionnaire are available via links on the right side of the page. For Tokyo and Yokohama, you can e-mail or fax (03-3797-3665) the forms to the Clinic Coordinator at For Okinawa, you can email the forms to Okinawa Clinic Coordinator at If you are using OS X or iOS, please save the file as a PDF (not as a Pages document) before sending it to us.

If you have any doubts about submitting the intake form online or fax, please call the Clinic Coordinator to give your brief contact details and presenting issue, then bring the intake form on the day of the appointment.

Office hours are 11 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Appointments are available during normal business hours, some evenings (6 and 7pm) and with varying availability on weekends. All of our counseling sessions are by appointment only and we do not make same day appointments.

STEP 2. Schedule the Appointment

Based on the information you provide (please remember to include your appointment availability on the intake form), the Clinical Coordinator will assign you the appropriate therapist and schedule an appointment. We will send you an email with the information about the appointment, therapist and our location.

clock118STEP 3. Confirm your appointment

Once you receive the email about the appointment, please reply with a confirmation at least one day before the appointment date. If you do not confirm, we are unable to guarantee that your appointment is scheduled as requested.

waiting2STEP 4. On the Appointment Date

If you are requesting subsidized therapy fees, please bring a copy of your household income verification. When you arrive for your session, please have a seat in the waiting room. Your therapist will come to meet you there. One session lasts 50 minutes.


We require 24 hours notice for a cancellation. A cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel within 24 hours or do not show for your appointment. For Tokyo, you may notify us of cancellation by email or phone: 03-4550-1146 (please leave a message if the number is busy). For Okinawa, you may notify us of cancellation by email or phone: 03-4550-1146 (please leave a message if the number is busy).

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