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TELL Eating Disorder Program Events Update

Published on April 3, 2017

While all of us require food in order to live, and eating can be one of the most pleasurably human activities, eating disorders are serious, potentially life-threatening conditions that affect people’s emotional and physical health. When eating is used to control body weight and shape and/or as a coping mechanism to manage difficult emotions and situations, eating can become dangerous.

The TELL Eating Disorder Program, sponsored by Ichigo and headed up by Kaori Ogiwara, has upcoming events looking at a variety of different topics.


Title: Helping Your Teen To Develop A Healthy Body Image

Date:  Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Time:  10:00am – 12:00pm

Location: Wesley Center, Minami Aoyama

Presenter: Kaori Ogiwara – TELL Eating Disorders Treatment Program Coordinator and Psychotherapist

An eating disorder is a serious mental illness with significant, life-threatening physical and psychological complications. Complex interplay of biological, psychological, social and interpersonal factors lead to its development. While it can arise from a variety of potential causes for an individual, body dissatisfaction has been repeatedly identified by current research as a common risk factor across all types of eating disorders.

In this presentation, some factors that may negatively affect body image and how parents, teachers and the community can help promote body acceptance in the young person will be discussed.


Title: TELL Movie Screening: All of Me

Date:  Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Location: Azabu Kumin Center, Roppongi

Presenter: Vickie Skorji

Bess O’Brien directs All of Me, a feature length documentary film focused on the lives of women, girls and some boys who are caught in the downward spiral of eating disorders and their struggle to regain a sense of self-compassion and healing. The film will focus on body image, a lack of connection with one’s physical and emotional being and the need to delve deep within one’s self to find the systemic reasons that triggered this disease.

To reserve a seat please email


Title: TELL Presentation; “Eating Disorder Prevention: From Efficacy to Implementation” by Dr. Eric Stice

Date:  Saturday, October 28th, 2017

Time:  10am – 14:30pm

Location: TBC

Presenter: Dr. Eric Stice & Kaori Ogiwara

Dr. Eric Stice, a renowned expert in the field of eating disorders and its prevention, will present the latest research evidence on risk factors and prevention program implementation.

Dr. Stice served as an assistant professor and associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and subsequently took a position as Senior Research Scientist at Oregon Research Institute. His research focuses on identifying risk factors that predict onset of eating disorders, obesity, substance abuse, and depression, including the use of functional neuro-imaging and the role of genetics in the etiology of these public health problems. His research also focuses on designing, evaluating, and disseminating prevention and treatment interventions for eating disorders obesity, and depression. For instance, he developed a dissonance-based body acceptance/eating disorder prevention program that has been implemented with 3.5 million young girls in 125 countries. He has published 244 articles in high-impact outlets, including Science, Psychological Bulletin, Archives of General Biological Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology Review, and Journal of Neuroscience. He received a Career Award from the National Institutes of Health, a Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contributions to Psychopathology from the American Psychological Association, the Nan Tobler Award from the Society for Prevention Research, and the Lori Irving Award for Excellence in Eating Disorder Prevention and Awareness from the National Eating Disorders Association. He is currently serving as an Associate Editor for Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

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