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Chie Okuda (PhD)

Chie Okuda (PhD)

Clinical Director

Dr. Chie Okuda is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California, USA and is bilingual in English and Japanese.

After completing her undergraduate studies at Waseda University, she earned her graduate degrees in Neuroscience from School of Medicine at University of California, San Diego and in clinical psychology from California School of Professional Psychology, Alameda, California. She lived in San Francisco Bay Area over twenty years and worked as a psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry and as a behavioral medicine specialist in the Behavioral Medicine Department at Kaiser Hospital, Oakland and Vallejo, California. She also conducted court-mandated psychological evaluations for Santa Clara County.

After she relocated to Japan in 2002, Dr. Okuda actively introduced to Japan the tradition of the clinical psychology discipline in the US that has made a significant impact raising the quality of mental health care in the US by attending to the areas and approaches that had not been addressed by the psychiatric discipline.

She taught at Alliant University Japan MA program in clinical psychology and acted as a supervisor and advisor for the domestic violence program at Tokyo Women’s Center, and Japanese Society for the Study of MMPI and other psychiatric clinics. She founded and chairs the Japanese Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, a component group of International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. Trained in the psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, family systems, narrative and structural dissociation modalities, Dr. Okuda has seen a broad range of clients with a variety of problems and backgrounds. She is an EMDR International Association approved EMDR therapist and a trained emotion-focused (EFT) couple therapist.

Her areas of interest and expertise include treatment of trauma (PTSD) and trauma-derived disorders, such as panic disorder and other manifestations of anxiety, psychosomatic disorders, persistent problems and disorders that interfere with living involving chronic depression, anxiety, under-achievement, interpersonal difficulty/social phobia, transmission of intergenerational dysfunction and other disorders that have complex manifestations.

She is a proponent of the quality of attachment and relatedness that plays an essential role in the development of psychological integration behind healthy growth and state of well-being. Couple therapy, in particular international marriage therapy, is another area of focus in her therapy practice and research interest.

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