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Lise Frederiksen

Lise Frederiksen came to Japan in the beginning of September 2015, when her husband started his tenure as the Danish Ambassador to Japan. This is their second time here, following a previous stint in Japan from 2005–2008. Lise is a lawyer, graduated from the University of Copenhagen, who has worked in that capacity in Denmark for around 16 years, as well as having been involved in public diplomacy during postings to different countries over the years. Lise has also founded several businesses (import/export, and business consulting specializing in language and cross-cultural communication), and long been involved in charity work in different countries. Lise and her husband Freddy have been posted in Brussels/Belgium (1988–1991), Paris/France (1993–1997), Tokyo/Japan (2005–2008, and from 2015 to present) and in New Delhi/India (2010–2015). Her interests include her family, art, music, design and more.

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