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Alexander Krieg (MA)

Alexander Krieg (MA)

Alexander (Xander) Krieg is a therapist from the United States.

He completed his undergraduate studies at Hope College in Michigan and also studied at Sophia University in Tokyo. For his clinical training, he graduated from University of Hawaii with a MA in clinical psychology, and is continuing to study there in pursuit of his Ph.D. While in Hawaii, he worked in an intensive public mental health centre serving children and their families in both community and school settings. This involved both creating and implementing treatment plans for children and adolescents with disruptive behaviour, high anxiety, low mood, attention/academic difficulties, as well as more serious mental health concerns. Xander uses a modularised form of cognitive behavioural therapy that is designed specifically to apply scientifically supported best treatment practices in a client-oriented way. His clinical interests include social anxiety, school refusal, social disinterest, and high functioning autism. Now, he is affiliated with the University of Tokyo, where he is working as a researcher while completing the final part of his Ph.D. studies in Hawaii. He currently sees both children and adults for therapy, is available both at TELL’s Tokyo and Yokohama sites, and provides services in English.

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