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Erin M. Easley (MA, LPC)

Erin M. Easley (MA, LPC)

Ms. Easley is a psychotherapist licensed in Wisconsin.

Erin M. Easley is a psychotherapist licensed in the State of Wisconsin. Her specialties include working with combat veterans suffering from PTSD and active duty personnel and their family members in dealing with everyday challenges facing the military community. Additionally, she has experience working with police and fire personnel. Erin received her Bachelor of Science in Social Psychology from Park University and a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling from Webster University. She is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Psychology. Erin continues to serve her community as a counselor and is growing her practice as a clinician. She works in individual and group counseling contexts with both children and adults from a reality therapy perspective, covering a wide range of issues including marriage counseling, life coaching and working with those who have experienced trauma. She is a firm believer that people can change and overcome obstacles and issues that may be hindering their functioning, growth, and development.

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