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FAQs – TELL Eating Disorders Treatment Program

What type of treatment is offered by the TELL Eating Disorders Program?

TELL provides treatment on an outpatient-basis only. Hence the individual seeking treatment for eating disorders needs to be medically stable and appropriate for outpatient care. For clients who need medical back-up, our therapists will team with outside medical professionals to coordinate their care. For individual therapies, we provide Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and for family therapies, we provide the Maudsley Method’s Family-Based Therapy (FBT).

How long does the treatment for eating disorder take, and how much does it cost?

The length of treatment as well as the frequency of sessions, are on case-by-case basis. The initial intake is 75 minutes. and the subsequent sessions are 50 minutes each. Our standard fee is 21,600 yen (incl. tax) per 50 minutes session, but clients are eligible for lower sliding-scale fees and subsidized fees based on their family income level. In order to qualify for sliding-scale fees and subsidized fees, clients are required to submit acceptable proof of income and resources to TELL.

Does TELL offer telephone/Skype counseling for eating disorders?

TELL does NOT offer eating disorders treatment by phone nor Skype, as this mode of treatment is not appropriate for eating disorders. We recommend face-to-face counseling, and depending on the client’s symptoms and severity of the illness, a regular medical monitoring.

I want to seek treatment for my eating disorder but I live outside of Tokyo. Can TELL help me to access local services?

TELL may be able to provide information on resources outside of Tokyo, depending on the area of your residence and your options for care. Please make your inquiry to

I have a child underage who may be suffering from an eating disorder but she/he is refusing to see a professional. What can I do?

TELL’s eating disorder therapists can provide a face-to-face consultation session (available both in English and Japanese) to guide you to the next steps for connecting your child to appropriate care. Please contact our Clinical Services Coordinator (03-4550-1146) to make an appointment for a consultation. Please note that TELL does not provide consultation via email.

For information on the Eating Disorders Program at TELL Counseling, please email the Coordinator at, or call TELL Counseling.

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